Error updating infotype 0009 in ess

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When using an user exit, the system does NOT become modified what happens when you start changing SAP for your needs.So, it is very interesting to make use of all options, that leave the SAP system as unmodified as possible.Here you have the (nearly) complete list of the SAP transactions (about 16000 ) sorted by transaction code. Assertions and Breakpoints SADJ SAPLSCT1 Customizing Transfer Assistant SADP SAPMSADR Contact person addr.maint. SBI3 RSAO0007 Maintain append for Info Source SBI4 RSAO0008 Maintain append for master data SBI5 RSAO0009 Delete Info Objects SBMA SAPLSBMA_TRANSABOR Migration Assistant SBPT MENUSBPT Administration Process Technology SBRAC SAPLBCOM_R_ATTCCatalog of Routing Attributes SBRT SAPLBCOM_R_TESTBCOM RBR: Test Interface SBRT2 SAPLBCOM_R_TESTRouting Test SBRT3 RSBCOM_SBRT3_STRBR Test Server - Configuration SBTA SAPMSSY2 Test background processing SBWP SAPMSSO0 SAP Business Workplace SB01 ADITEST8 Business Navigator - Component View SCAL SAPMSFT0 Factory Calendar with GUI SCASE SAPCMGSTART Case Management SCAT SAPMSCAT Computer Aided Test Tool SCA2 SAPMSFT2 Cannot be executed directly SCA3 SAPMSFT3 Cannot be executed directly SCA4_D SZC_HOLIDAY_MAICannot be executed directly SCA4_U SZC_HOLIDAY_MAICannot be executed directly SCA5_D SZC_HOLIDAY_CALCannot be executed directly SCA5_U SZC_HOLIDAY_CALCannot be executed directly SCA6_D SZC_FACTORY_CALCannot be executed directly SCA6_U SZC_FACTORY_CALCannot be executed directly SCCL SAPMSCC1 Local Client Copy SCC1 SAPMSCC1 Client Copy - Special Selections SCC3 RSCCPROT Client Copy Log SCC5 SAPMSCC1 Delete Client SCC7 SAPMSCC1 Post-Client Import Methods SCC8 SAPMSCC1 Client Export SCC9 SAPMSCC1 Remote Client Copy SCDN SAPMSNUM Change Documents: Number Ranges SCDO SAPMSCDO Display Change Document Objects SCEM SAPMSCEM CATT - EM SCFB GRM_START_FUNCTRole Manager: Start of a Function SCI SAPLS_CODE_INSPABAP Code Inspector SCID SAPLS_CODE_INSPCode Inspector for Specified Object SCII SAPLS_CODE_INSPCode Inspector: Inspection SCMA SAPLSCMA Schedule Manager: Scheduler SCMATP SAPLSCMA Sched Man: Task List Maintenance SCMO RKRUNMONI Schedule Manager: Monitor SCMP SAPLSCT1 View/Table Comparison SCMSMO SCMS_CS_MONITORKnowledge Provider Monitor SCON RSCONN07 SAPconnect - Administration SCOOL RS_COL_WB_AS_STCOOL Repository SCOT RSCONN07 SAPconnect - Administration SCP RSCPSEGMENT_SHODisplay and Maintain Code Page SCPI MENUSCPI Production Optimization Interface SCPM SAPMSCEM CATT - EM SCPMIG RSCP0126 Character Conversion SCPRAT SAPLSCPRMP Change BC Set Value Attributes SCPRIP SAPLSCPRMP Delete Several BC Sets SCPR10 SAPSCPR5 BC Sets: Compare after transport SCPR20 SAPSCPR7 BC Sets: Activate SCPR3 SCPR3 Display and maintain BC Sets SCPR92 SAPSCPR6 BC Sets: Maintenance tool 2 SCRE GRM_START_REPORRole Manager: Start of a Report SCRK SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: CSCR_KEYN SCRM SCRMSHOW CRM-Relevant IMG in Plug In of R/3 SCUA SAPMSCUA Central User Administration SCUC RSUSRSCUC CUA: Synchronize company addresses SCUG RSUSLAND Transfer Users SCUL SAPMUSLG Central User Administration Log SCUM RSUSLAND Central User Administration SCU0 SAPLSCT1 Customizing Cross-System Viewer SCU3 RSTBHIST Table History SCWB SCWBENTR Correction Workbench SC38 SAPMS38M Start Report (Remote) SDBE SAPMSDBE Explain an SQL statement SDCC BDLSDDCC Service Data Control Center SDD1 SDDORD01 Duplicate Sales Documents in Period SDMO MSDMEN00 Dynamic Menu (old) SDOCU SAPLS_DOKU_HIERMaintain Documentation Structure SDO1 SDORDE01 Orders within time period SDPI SAPMSNUM Number Range Maint.: SD_PICKING SDQ1 SDQUOT01 Expiring Quotations SDQ2 SDQUOT02 Expired Quotations SDQ3 SDQUOT03 Completed Quotations SDV SDV_VIEWER Document Viewing SDVK SDCRSL01 Purchase Analysis Sales Documents SDV1 SDCONT01 Expiring Contracts SDV2 SDCONT02 Expired Contracts SDV3 SDCONT03 Completed Contracts SDWB BDLDEVLP Service Definition Work Bench SDW0 MENUSDW0 ABAP Development WB Initial Screen SD11 SAPMUD00 Data Modeler SECATT SAPLECATT_MAIN Extended Computer Aided Test Tool SECOCO RS_CONTROL_COMPControl Composer SECR RSAUDIT0 Audit Information System SECSTO RSECADMIN Administration of Secure Memory SENG SAPLSF4E Administration of External Indexes SEPA SAPLEPSS EPS Server: Administration SEPS SAPLEPSC SAP Electronic Parcel Service SERP SAPMSERP Reporting: Change Tree Structure SESS SAPLSMTR_NAVIGASession Manager Menu Tree Display SETB RFFMSETB Direct Input for BUSAB SE01 RDDM0001 Transport Organizer (Extended) SE03 SAPCTS_TOOLS Transport Organizer Tools SE06 RDDINSTR Set Up Transport Organizer SE07 RDDSTR01 CTS Status Display SE09 RDDM0001 Transport Organizer SE10 RDDM0001 Transport Organizer SE11 DD_START ABAP Dictionary SE12 DD_START ABAP/4 Dictionary Display SE13 SAPMSEDS Maintain Technical Settings (Tables SE14 SAPMSGTB Utilities for Dictionary Tables SE15 RS_INFOSYSTEM_SABAP/4 Repository Information Syste SE16 SAPLSETB Data Browser SE16N RK_SE16N General Table Display SE17 SAPMSTAZ General Table Display SE18 BADI_START Business Add-Ins: Definitions SE19 BADI_START Business Add-Ins: Implementations SE21 PACKAGE_BUILDERPackage Builder SE24 SEO_STARTUP Class Builder SE29 SAPMAPAD Application Packets SE30 SAPMS38T ABAP Objects Runtime Analysis SE32 RSTEXTELEMENTE ABAP Text Element Maintenance SE33 SAPMS33C Context Builder SE35 SAPMSDIA ABAP/4 Dialog Modules SE36 SAPMSLDB Logical Database Builder SE37 SAPMS38L ABAP Function Modules SE38 RSABAPPROGRAM ABAP Editor SE39 RS_WB_SPLIT_EDISplitscreen Editor: (New) SE39O SAPMSEDC Splitscreen Editor: Program Compare SE40 SAPMSEUN MP: Standards Maint. Syste SLLS SAPMSLLS Translation Statistics SLLT SAPMSLLT Translation Performance Statistics SLPP SAPMSLW_SLPP Proposal Pool SLWA SAPMSLW_ADMIN Translation Environment Admin. TBZ6 RFTXI300 Match Incoming SWIFT Confirmation TBZ7 RFTBCO_DEL Delete corr.So, you can navigate to your transaction and have a look what interesting you may find "next to" this. System CCtrs: Presettings RPDK RPPWF1M0 Workflow for Danish Payroll RPON REPPXXXN Info. and Translatio SE41 SAPMSMPE Menu Painter SE43 SAPLBMEN Maintain Area Menu SE43N SAPLBMEN Maintain Area Menu SE51 RSSCREENPAINTERScreen Painter SE54 SAPMSVIM Generate table view SE61 SAPMSDCU R/3 Documentation SE61D RSE61D Display of SAPScript Text SE62 SAPMSBR0 Industry Utilities SE63 SAPMTRAN Translation: Initial Screen SE64 SAPMTERM Terminology SE71 SAPMSSCF SAPscript form SE72 SAPMSSCS SAPscript Styles SE73 SAPMSSCO SAPscript Font Maintenance SE74 SAPMSSCU SAPscript format conversion SE75 SAPMSSCC SAPscript Settings SE76 SAPMSSCG SAPscript: Form Translation SE77 SAPMSSCG SAPscript Styles Translation SE78 SAPMSSCH Administration of Form Graphics SE8I RSINFOLI Lists in Repository Infosystem SE80 SAPMSEU0 Object Navigator SE81 SAPMSEU10 Application Hierarchy SE82 SAPMSEU9 Application Hierarchy SE84 RS_INFOSYSTEM_SR/3 Repository Information System SE85 RS_INFOSYSTEM_SABAP/4 Repository Information Syste SE89 SAPMSEUM Maintain Trees in Information Syste SE90 RS_INFOSYSTEM_SProcess Model Information System SE91 RSMESSAGES Message Maintenance SE92 RSLGAD01 New Sys Log Msg Maintenance as of 46 SE92N RSLGAD01 Maintain System Log Messages SE93 SAPLSEUK Maintain Transaction Codes SE94 SAPMSCLS Customer enhancement simulation SE95 SAPRMOMO Modification Browser SE97 TASAUTH Maint. type maint SHI3 SAPLSHI6 Structure maintenance SH01 RSHLP001 Online help: F1 Help server SH02 RSHLP002 Online help: Link tracing SH03 RSHLP003 Call extended help SI_SEL SAPMSIWB_STRUC_KW: Structure Editor Link SIAC1 SIAC_TREE Web Object Administration SIBU SAPLSATT11 Industry Maintenance SICF RSICFTREE HTTP Service Hierarchy Maintenance SICK RSICC000 Installation Check SIMGH SAPLS_IMG_TOOL_IMG Structure Maintenance SINA RSSINADM SAPBPT: Maintain Standard Config. interf SI23_6 IWB_TEMPLATES Edit templates SI24 RSIWB101 Initial Screen of IMG (KW) SI24_1 RSIWB102 Customizing System (KW) SI24_2 RSIWB103 Customizing Server (KW) SI24_3 RSIWB104 Customizing Assignments (KW) SI24_4 RSIWB105 Customizing Export Variants (KW) SI24_5 RS_IWB_ENTRY_SEDefine Initial Structure (Custom.) SI24_6 RS_IWB_EXPORT_AAutomat. SI24_7 RS_IWB_EXPORT_RSet export_range in iwbsetting SI24_8 RS_IWB_R3LINK_SSupport R/3 Link Maintenance (Cust) SI24_9 RSIWB106 Document Management Areas (View) SI80 RSIWB300 Knowledge Warehouse SI81 RSIWB600 Management SI85 RSIWB303 Knowledge Warehouse (General) SI86 RSIWB601 Management SI88 RSIWB601 HTML Export SI89 RSIWB602 Analyze HTML Export Logs SI90 RSIWB302 Knowledge Warehouse: Training SKEP KW_KEP_SCHEDULEKEPlicator SKNF SAPLSQADB04 Maintain Configuration Groups SKPR07 RSTIRIDX_MONITOMonitoring for KPRO Retrieval SKPR09 RSIRCCON Test Content Repositories SKWA SKWA_START Administration Workbench SKWR01 SKWR_TAXONOMY Taxonomy Tree Management SKWR02 SKWR_REBUILD_INRestore Index SKWR03 SKWR_TRAIN_CLASClassify Documents SKWS SKWS_USER_INTERCM: Status Management SLAT RSIWA203 Additional Translation Tools SLDB SAPMSLDB Logical Databases (Tree Structure) SLGN SAPMSNUM Applic.log: Number range maintenanc SLGT RDDGTSND Register in Central Object Director SLG1 SBAL_DISPLAY Application Log: Display Logs SLG2 SBAL_DELETE Application Log: Delete logs SLIBN RLB_LIBRARY_EDIMaintain Reuse Library SLIBP RLB_PRODUCT_EDIMaintain Reuse Product SLIN SAPLSLIN ABAP: Extended Program Check SLIS MENUSLIS FI-SL Spec. SLWB SAPMSLW_ADMIN_ITranslation Environment Scheduler SLW3 SAPMSLW_ADMIN_IWorklist Scheduler SLW4 SAPMSLW_ADMIN Translation: Application Hierarchy SL02 SAPMSL02 PAW - Main Menu SL31 SAPMSL311 PAW - Test-Type Definitions SL32 SAPMSL32 PAW - Location Definitions SL60 SLSPAWR1 PAW - Test Results Overview SL61 SLSPAWT1 PAW - Test Results Transfer to HR SL62 SLSPAWL3 PAW - Lookup Definition Tree SL63 SLSPAWL2 PAW - Location Test-Catalog SL64 SLSPAWR2 PAW - Statistical Evaluations SL65 SLSPAWR8 PAW - Export Test Results SL66 SLSPAWD1 PAW - Download Certification Detail SL67 SLSPAWD2 PAW - Download Test-Catalog for Loc SL68 SLSPAWT9 PAW - Test Data Generation SL69 SLSPAWT2 PAW - Qualification Transfer Log. Agreement TBM4 RFTBMA01 Treasury: Master Agreement Changes TBM5 SAPMF70Z Treasury: Assign Mast. planned records TBZ8 RFTBCO20 Correspondence - Overview TB01 SAPMF70D Create forex hedge TB02 SAPMF70D Change forex hedge TB03 SAPMF70D Display forex hedge TB04 SAPMF70D Delete forex hedge TB10 RFTBSI00 Process hedge requests TB11 SAPMF70D Create Object Hedge TB12 SAPMF70D Change object hedge TB13 SAPMF70D Display object hedge TB14 SAPMF70D Reverse object hedge TB18 RFTBSI18 Hedged underlyings TB19 RFTBSI10 Forex Hedges - Collective Processin TB20 RFTBSI20 Unallocated forex transactions TB21 RFTBSI25 Allocated forex transactions TB30 RFTBSI30 List of open items FI TB35 RFTBSI35 Reconciliation of cleared items TB60 RFTBSI60 List of processed hedge requests TCMK MENUTCMK Funds Management TCMN MENUTCMN Funds Management TCO SAPLDSYS Start a TR in Parameter TCX TCOM FTR_COMPBID00 Evaluate offers TC02 SAPMSNUM Number range maint.: FTI_UGSART TDMN MENUTDMN Cash management TER1 FS000100 SAPterm: Changing Status of Terms TFMN MENUTFMN Cash Flow TF00 RFTR_COLL_PROC_Coll.Medical Service) PA0030 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0030 (Powers of Attorney) PA0031 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0031 (Reference Pers. Personnel Subareas and Institutions T5B1V - Correspondence of customer entries in TSADV T5B1W - Company ID T5B1WT - Company ID Text T5B21 - Kind of Pension T5B22 - Periodicity T5B23 - Juridical Statute Pension T5B24 - Code of Pension Advantage T5B25 - Special Rules Pension T5B26 - Origin of Advantage T5B27 - Code Sickness and Invalidity Insurance T5B28 - Type of Index Pension Codes T5B29 - Kind of Calculation Pension T5B2A - Kind of Pension Text T5B2B - Periodicity Text T5B2C - Juridical Statute Pension T5B2D - Text Code of Pension Advantage T5B2E - Special Rules Pension Text T5B2F - Origin of Advantage T5B2G - Sickness and Invalidity Insurance Text T5B2H - Type of Index Pension Text T5B2I - Kind of Calculation Pension T5B31 - Translation Table BE Educational Leave Quotums T5B32 - History Table Declared Courses Educational Leave T5B41 - Mapping date types to internal date types for IT41(Belg.) T5B51 - Text Table - Postal Codes (B) T5B52 - Text Table - Postal Codes "NIS" (B) T5B53 - Postal Codes for Taxes (B) T5B5A - Fusion Postal Codes T5B5B - Text Table - Fusion Postal Codes (B) T5B5C - Postal Codes Villages (B) T5B5D - Match Belgium Postal codes to region T5B62 - Text Table Collective Agreements (B) T5B63 - Joint Commissions (B) T5B6B - Pay Scale Agreements (B) T5B6C - Joint Commissions (B) T5B71 - Work Schedule Systems (B) T5B72 - Weekly Workdays "Regime" (B) T5B73 - Regulations Work Schedules (B) T5B7A - Text Table Systems Work Schedules (B) T5B7B - Text Table Weekly Workdays "regime" (B) T5B7C - Text Table for Work Schedule Regulations (B) T5B92 - Institutional Groups (B) T5B9A - Institutions (B) T5B9B - Institutional Groups (B) T5B9G - Employee Groups/Subgroups (B) T5B9P - Plant/Plant Section (B) T5BD1 - Local Unit ID entities table T5BD2 - Local Unit ID text table.Nos.) PA0032 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0032 (Internal Data) PA0034 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0034 (Corporate Functions) PA0035 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0035 (Comp. employer H) PA0243 - Infotype 0243 - illnesses CZ PA0244 - Infotype 0244 - Income from previous ER PA0245 - Infotype 0245 - Annual tax calculation CZ PA0252 - HR master record Infotype 0012 (Data according tax law(D)) PA0253 - Infotype 0253 - Insurance SK PA0255 - HR master record Infotype 0082 (Additional absence data) PA0256 - HR master data Infotype 0023 (Activities-other ERs) PA0257 - Infotype 0257 - Annual tax calculation SK PA0283 - HR Master Record for Infotype 0283 (Archiving) PA0284 - HR Master Record for Infotype 0283 (Archiving) PA0285 - HR Master Record for Infotype 0283 (Archiving) PA0286 - HR Master Record for Infotype 0283 (Archiving) PA0287 - HR Master Record for Infotype 0283 (Archiving) PA0302 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0302 (Additional Actions) PA0307 - Additional data for taxation PA0308 - Additional data for taxation PA0402 - HR Master Data Infotype 0402 PA0403 - HR Master Record for Infotype 0403 PA0413 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0413 PA0414 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0414 PA0441 - Corrections for reports (Hungary) PA0442 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0442 PA0513 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0442 PA0514 - Materials issued PA0515 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0515 PA0516 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0516 PA0517 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0517 PA0558 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0558 PA0603 - Tax data SI PA0604 - Invalidism SI PA0605 - Working age SI PA0606 - Food and transport SI PA0607 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0022 (Education SI ) PA0620 - HR master record Infotype 0620 PA0621 - HR master record Infotype 0620 PA0657 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0657 PA0658 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0658 PA0660 - HR master record infortype 0660 PA0709 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0709 (Person ID) PA0712 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0712 PA0811 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0811 PA0829 - HR master record for infotypes 0829 PA0830 - HR master record for infotypes 0830 PA0831 - HR master record for infotypes 0831 PA0832 - HR master record for infotypes 0832 PA0833 - HR master record for infotypes 0833 PA0834 - HR master record for infotypes 0834 PA0835 - HR master record for infotypes 0835 PA0836 - HR master record for infotypes 0836 PA0837 - HR master record for infotypes 0837 PA0838 - HR master record for infotypes 0838 PA0839 - HR master record for infotypes 0839 PA0847 - HR master record for infotypes 0847 PA0859 - HR Master data for infotype 0859 PA0866 - Master data entry HR: infotype 0866 PA0880 - HR master record for infotypes 0880 PA0900 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0900 (Sales Data) PA0901 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0901 (Purchasing Data) PA0905 - HR master record infotype 0905 PA3219 - HR Master Record: Infotype 3219 PA3220 - HR Master Record: Infotype 3220 PA3246 - HR Master Record for Infotype 3246 (Legal Hold) PAD_SE_DELTA_LOG - Log table for employee regarding distribution scenarios PANNNN - HR Master Record: Infotype NNNN PAOCF_TEST_LOG - Log Table for results of test asynchronous scenarios PAOCF_TEST_MODE - Test Mode for XI interface PAOCF_UUID_PERNR - Employee/work Agreement UUID mapping PB0175 - HR master record: infotype 0175 PB0395 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0395 (External Org. T5BD3 - Additional Social Insurance Contributions (obsolete) T5BD4 - Definition of modifiers for additional contributions T5BD4T - Texts for modifiers of additional contributions T5BD5 - Inherently dangerous activities T5BD5T - Inherently dangerous activities description T5BD6 - Assignment of premium rates to risk activities T5BD7 - Groupings of premium rates for risk activities T5BD7T - Texts for groupings of premium rates for risk activities T5BDR - Deductions codes for DMFA T5BDRJ - Job Card Codes T5BDRJT - Text Table Job Card Codes T5BDRM - Grouping of deductions for DMFA T5BDRMT - Grouping of deductions for DMFA T5BDRO - Deductions groupings for DMFA T5BDRT - Texts for deductions codes for DMFA T5BDRX - Activa - SI Reductions T5BDRXT - Text Table SI Deduction Codes T5BDRY - Job Card Codes - Relationship with Deductions and Allowances T5BDRZ - Activa - Allowance Codes T5BDRZT - Text Table Allowances Codes T5BE2 - Types of Garnishment Assignment T5BH1 - Retrocalculation Taxable Differences: WT Assignment T5BHA - Values for Inflow and Outflow Types T5BHAT - Text Table Flow Types T5BHB - Retrocalculation Taxable Differences: Action Types T5BHBT - Text Table Flow Types T5BIE - General extension table T5BP10 - Mapping of absence categories to internal absence types T5BP4 - Absence splitting table T5BP5 - Absence neighboring definition T5BP6 - Rules for absence collision T5BP7 - Internal absence code definition table T5BP8 - Absence category attributes T5BP9 - Absence processing BE: illness attributes table.Replaced by T51CB in April 2002 T51CB - Wagetypes for payrollfunction P0442 T51CC - Company car unavailability reason T51CD - Company car unavailability reason - text table T51CE - Pollution Categories for Company Cars T51CET - Descriptions for the Pollution Categories T51CF - Leasing Categories for Company Cars T51CFT - Descriptions for the Leasing Categories T51CG - Leasing Companies for Company Cars T51CGT - Descriptions for the Leasing Companies T521A - Bank Details: Relevance of Special Fields T521B - Payee Keys T521C - Check Table for Payees T521T - Institution Texts - No longer used T522 - Title Keys T522F - Format for HR Name Format T522G - Title Keys T522N - HR Name Format T522T - Forms of Address T523T - Challenge Types T526 - Administrators T527 - Organizational Key: Control T527A - Organizational Key Creation Rules T527O - Organizational Key Validation T527X - Organizational Units T528B - Positions T528C - Wage Type Catalog T528T - Position Texts T529A - Personnel Action Types T529A_ESSEX - ESS: Deactivation of Personnel Action Types T529F - Fast Data Entry for Actions T529T - Personnel Action Texts T529U - Status Values T52CC_T - Text table for schema directory T52CD_T - Text table for schema directory T52CE_T - Text table for PCR directory T52CX - Cross References via Generated Schemas T52IF - Assignment for Payroll T530 - Reasons for Actions T530E - Reasons for Changes T530F - Reasons for Changes T530M - Additional Query Fields: Calculation of Length of Service T530T - Reason for Action Texts T531 - Deadline Types T531S - Deadline Type Texts T535Q - HR Test Cases: no longer supported T535W - ASB Reporting Schema T536A - Addresses T536B - Communication Keys T538A - HR Time/Measurement Units T538B - Units of Time/Measurement T538C - Permissibility of Time/Measurement Units for Infotypes T538D - Units of Time/Measurement T538T - Units of Time/Measurement Texts T538Z - Permissibility of Time/Measurement Units for Infotypes T539A - Planned Remuneration Specification T539J - Base Wage Type Valuation T539R - Actions for Standard Wage Maintenance T539S - Wage Types for Standard Wage Maintenance T539U - Yearly wage calculation in Basic Payments (Infotype 0008) T542A - Work Contract T542C - Work Contract - Other/Previous Employers T542S - Description of Work Contract - Other Employers T542T - Employment Contracts T543 - Challenge Groups T543S - Challenge Groups T544A - Car rule T544B - Car rule T545 - Corporation Keys T545T - Corporation Texts T546 - Employee Subgroup for Pers Calc Rule/Coll Agreem Provision T547S - Contract Type Texts T547T - Periods of Notice T547V - Contract Types T548S - Date Conversion T548T - Date Types T548Y - Date Types T549A - Payroll areas T549B - Company Features T549BT - Title of SAP Features T549C - Decision Trees for Features (Customers) T549CT - Title of Customer Features T549D - Features Directory T549N - Period Modifiers T549Q - Payroll Periods T549R - Period Parameters T549R_CUST - Mapping of Period Modifier with Molga T549S - Personnel Date Specifications Per Payroll Period T549T - Payroll areas T549U - Recurr. CH) PA0288 - HR CH: HR Master Record Infotype 0021 (Suppl.Pymts/Deducs: Payment Periods per Payment Interval T549V - Recurr. Pymts/Deducs: Payment Models (Texts) T555S - PDC Record Type Conversion T557V - Membership Function T557W - Text for Membership Function T564T - Insurance Company Texts T574A - Qualification Keys T574B - Qualification Names T577 - Family Characteristics T577S - Family Characteristics Texts T578A - Medical Doctors T578T - Areas Of Examination T578W - Texts On Values For Areas Of Examination T578X - Permissible Values for Areas of Examination T578Y - Examination Results T578Z - Control Table for Internal Medical Service T582A - Infotypes: Customer-Specific Settings T582B - Infotypes That Are Created Automatically T582ITD - Infotype - Dialog Module (CE) T582ITTXTFIELDS - Infotypes with Infotype Text Fields T582ITVCHCK - Verification Class for a Version Flag T582ITVCLAS - Classes for Determining Version IDs and Infotype Containers T582ITVERS - Entity Table for Infotype Versions T582ITVERST - Entity Table for Infotype Versions T582L - Infotypes - country-specific settings T582S - Infotype Texts T582V - Assignment of Infotypes to Views T582W - Assigns Infotype View to Primary Infotype T584A - Test Procedures - Infotype Assignment T585A - Infotypes with Documents T585B - Field Group Definition T585C - Field Group Characteristics T585O - HR Optical Archiving: Configuration Table for PREL and PAPL T587A - Detail View: Personnel Assignments - Categories T587B - Detail View: Personnel Assignments - Category Text T587C - Detail View: Personnel Assignments - Line Layout T588A - Transaction Codes T588AUTO_MAP - Mapping for Conversion of Repeat Structure/Tables T588AUTO_TABLE - Mapping for Conversion of Repeat Structure/Tables T588AUTO_TEXT - Assignment of Text Fields for Generic Text Reader T588AUTO_TEXTC - Assignment of Text Fields for Generic Text Reader (Customer) T588B - Infotype Menus T588C - Infotype Menus/Info Groups T588D - Infogroups for Actions T588F - - is no longer used (now T588G) - T588F4_TEXT - Advanced Selection Method with Text for Selection Method T588FIX_TEXT - Assignment of Data Elements to Determine Fixed Texts T588G - Field-Specific Retroactive Accounting Recognition T588H - Infotype Header Data Selection Control T588I - Assignment of Header ID/Country Grouping to Header Modifier T588J - Infotype Header Definition T588K - Field names for screens different from DDIC T588L - Field names for screens different from DDIC entry T588M - Infotype Screen Control T588MAPUGRMOLGA - Mapping UGR Parameter with Country Grouping T588Q - Screen Types for Fast Entry T588R - Selection Reports for Fast Data Entry T588S - Screen Types for Fast Entry T588T - Menu and Infogroup Designations T588UICONVCLAS - Assignment UI Structures and UI Conversion Classes T588V - Business Object Type Determination T588W - Event types for infotype operations T588X - Cust. Switzerland) PA0600 - HR Master Data Record Infotype 0600 PA0977 - HR Master Record Infotype 0977 PA0980 - HR Master Record Infotype 0980 T5C03 - Employee Group/Subgroup T5C0P - HR CH: Personnel Subarea Supplements T5C10 - FAK Contributions (CH) T5C11 - Training Bonuses T5C12 - Bonus Paid After Birth of Child T5C13 - HR-CH: Additional jobs T5C14 - HR-CH: RWH number of public holidays T5C15 - HR-CH: RWH vacation and public holidays reimbursement T5C16 - HR-CH: Exception Events for Reduced Hours T5C17 - Texts for Pension Funds T5C18 - Pension Funds - Insurance Types T5C19 - Family Equalization Fund T5C1A - AHV Key T5C1B - Texts for AHV Keys T5C1C - Pension funds T5C1D - Texts for Pension Funds T5C1E - Transaction Types T5C1F - Total Transaction Types T5C1G - Percentages T5C1H - Pension Types T5C1I - Texts for Pension Types T5C1J - Pension Rates (CH) T5C1K - HR-CH: insurance contributions T5C1L - SUVA plant sections T5C1M - Family-Related Bonuses T5C1N - Family Equalization Fund T5C1O - Cantons/Municipalities (CH) T5C1P - EO Compensation (CH) T5C1Q - HR-CH: Company department short-time work T5C1R - Text for Company Department T5C1S - Withholding Tax Rates (CH) T5C1T - Texts for Withholding Tax T5C1U - Profession Categories T5C1V - Texts for Profession Categories T5C1W - ASM statistic texts T5C1X - Paying Offices (CH) T5C1Y - Fee for Withholding Tax T5C1Z - Company Pension Fund Factors T5C21 - (Further) Training Institutes T5C21T - Name of (Further) Training Institutes T5C22 - (Further) Trainings T5C22T - Descriptions of (Further) Trainings T5C23 - Further Calculation Formulas for Cumulation Wage Types T5C2A - Text on Tax Liability T5C2B - Withholding Tax Bases T5C2D - Withholding Tax Calculation T5C2E - Special Table 13th Monthly Wages T5C2F - Tax Cantons T5C2G - Texts for Withholding Tax T5C2H - Wh T Tax Records T5C2H_EXT - WTx Rates (Basis as of 100,000) T5C2I - Wh T Accounting Number T5C2K - Wh T Table Structure T5C2L - Withholding tax - payroll number T5C2M - Payroll unit - withholding tax T5C2MT - Payroll unit: Withholding tax texts T5C2N - Payroll unit - wage statement T5C2NB - Remarks for Payroll Unit Wage Statement T5C2NT - Payroll unit - wage statement texts T5C30 - Salary Comparison: Function Numbers T5C30T - Salary Comparison: Function ID T5C31 - Salary Comparison: Function Assignment T5C32 - Salary Comparison: Industry Codes T5C32T - Salary Comparison: Industry Descriptions T5C3A - HR-CH: PF: Total transaction types T5C3B - HR-CH: PF: Total wage types - texts T5C3D - HR-CH: UVG/SUVA premiums T5C3E - HR-CH: plant section text internal/UVG T5C3IT - HR-CH: Application key Switzerland T5C3J - HR-CH: Assignment of Application Keys to Payroll Units T5C3K - Assignment Name AHV Number T5C4A - Municipality T5CA0 - Employee Attributes T5CA1 - Texts for EE Attributes T5CAP - EE Attribute Classes T5CAQ - HR-CH: Identification of EE attribute classes T5CAR - Message for Employee Attribute Combination T5CAS - Assignment of EE Attr.classes to IT Entry Fields T5CE0 - HR-CH: Master Data Sheets T5CE0T - HR-CH: Master Data Sheet Names T5CE1 - HR-CH: Data Origins for Master Data Sheet T5CE1T - HR-CH: Data Origin Names T5CE2 - HR-CH: Read Control for Master Data Sheets T5CE3 - HR-CH: Order of Text Elements for Master Data Sheet T5CEA - HR-CH: Output Procedure for Master Data Sheet T5CEAT - HR-CH: Name of Output Procedure for Master Data Sheet T5CEB - HR-CH: Derived Intotype Values T5CEBT - HR-CH: Names of Derived Infotype Values T5CEI - HR-CH: Infotype Output for Master Data Sheet T5CEJ - HR-CH: Infotype Output for Master Data Sheet T5CEK - HR-CH: Derived Infotype Values for Master Data Sheet T5CEL - HR-CH: Values from Infotype 0279 for Master Data Sheet T5CEM - HR-CH: Attribute Classes for Master Data Sheet T5CEN - HR-CH: Payroll Units for Master Data Sheet T5CEO - HR-CH: Data from Payroll Units T5CEP - HR-CH: Data from Infotype 0041 for Master Data Sheet T5CR0 - HR-CH: Rules for Determining the Pension Start T5CSA - HR-CH: Payroll unit UVG T5CSAT - HR-CH: Payroll unit UVG T5CSB - HR-CH: Payroll unit: Social Funds T5CSBT - HR-CH: Payroll unit: Social Funds T5CSC - HR-CH: Payroll Unit: Voluntary Accident Insurance T5CSCT - HR-CH: Payroll Unit: Voluntary Accident Insurance T5CSD - HR-CH: Payroll Unit - Sickness Indemnity Insurance T5CSDT - HR-CH: Payroll Unit - Sickness Indemnity Insurance T5CSE - HR-CH: Payroll unit: NBU additional insurance T5CSET - HR-CH: Payroll unit: NBU additional insurance T5CSF - HR-CH: Payroll Unit - ASM T5CSFT - HR-CH: Payroll Unit - ASM T5CSG - HR-CH: Payroll Unit BFS T5CSGT - HR-CH: Payroll Unit BFS Text T5CSI - Grouping for Insurances T5CSIT - Grouping for Social Insurance Switzerland T5CSJ - Payroll Units for the Employer Statement T5CSJT - HR-CH; Payroll Unit AGBE T5CSX - HR-CH: Payroll unit: Customer insurance 1 T5CSXT - HR-CH: Payroll unit: Customer insurance 1 T5CSY - HR-CH: Payroll unit: Customer insurance 2 T5CSYT - HR-CH: Payroll unit: Customer insurance 2 T5CSZ - HR-CH: Payroll unit: Customer insurance 3 T5CSZT - HR-CH: Payroll unit: Customer insurance 3 T5CZ1 - HR-CH: Payroll Unit: Family-Related Bonuses T5CZ1T - HR-CH: Payroll Unit: Family-Related Bonuses PA3226 - Employee-Dependents Association (CL) PA3227 - Tax Data (CL) PA3235 - HR Master Record: Infotype 3235 PA3236 - Reserved for Molga 39 (Payroll Chile) T7CL01 - Family Allowance Dependents Permissibility T7CL02 - Family Allowance Variants T7CL02T - Family Allowance Variants Text Table T7CL03 - Family Allowance Brackets T7CL05 - Payment Distribution T7CL05T - Text Payment Distribution T7CL06 - Payment Variants T7CL10 - Institution Master Data T7CL10T - Institution Master Data Text Table T7CL11 - Mutual Values (Header) T7CL12 - Mutual Values (Details) T7CL13 - Extreme Zone Master Data T7CL13T - Extreme Zone Text Table T7CL14 - Extreme Zone Values T7CL15 - Heavy Work Value T7CL16 - Period identifier T7CL17 - Tax Brackets T7CL20 - Wage type assignment for Reliquidation differences T7CL23 - Occupational Group Master T7CL23T - Occupational Group Texts T7CL25 - Personnel Action Code Master T7CL27 - Pens. with Pension Plan T7CL28 - Company - Receptor T7CL29 - Code for each Institution T7CL30 - Company Additional Informaton HRHAPCN_FPROPS - Field Properties HRHAPCN_OBJ_LOG - Object Library: Action Log - Additional Data HRHAPCN_OBJ_MSG - Object Library: Additional Message HRP5058 - DB Table for Infotype 5058 PA0528 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0528 (Family information) PA0529 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0529 (Add.

error updating infotype 0009 in ess-73

error updating infotype 0009 in ess-47

You can activate user exits in the SAP transactions SMOD and CMOD. SAP uses an User Exit (SMOD/CMOD) in order to make an enhancement of customers a lot more convenient.There are very many user exits available within SAP.It seems the customer does not have updated all the necessary table to have the check working properly. In summary, we would like the bank key and bank account fields become as free text. Have a look in table V_005_B in the further checks, investigate if you can disable that.Else, to my knowledge, you would need to use a User Exit to bypass standard check.

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