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"So it's not been a lot of fun broadcasting games this year."NBA Commissioner Adam Silver can't help but notice and his spin is that "we should celebrate excellence," even if it means an absence of competition."From a league standpoint, you always want to see great competition," he said before Game 1 of the Finals. So, sure, the fan in me would love to see more competition at times, but on the other hand, I've said it before, I think we should also celebrate excellence."I think that people are also inspired, as I said earlier, by seeing such tremendous play, by seeing teams come together the way they have. Le Bron James and Charles Barkley have plenty of other things to occupy their time — well, at least Le Bron does — and things seemed to be put to bed Thursday night on , at least from Barkley’s perspective. It gave us the basketball equivalent of “Takeover” and proved that Chuck really can piss off anyone he wants. Their bad play in January was the heart of the complaints that started this whole thing.Still, James was rightly ripped for not actually addressing Barkley’s points and instead turning to an ad hominem attack mode.“I want to apologize to the women of San Antonio,” he said. Ernie Johnson said the beef had been going on for 12 years. I see why they got all the big ol’ women down here — them churros are the bomb!“The first thing you do is learn how to save your money ’cause your family and friends are the worst people to spend your money. Sixty to 70 percent of professional athletes go broke, and 90 percent of the time it is because of family and friends. Charles Barkley did what many Knicks fans want to do when watching this poorly performing team — swear.Truth is truth."I wish we had better NBA story lines," he added.

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And making matters worse, they haven’t done much to prove those complaints wrong since.

On the TNT telecast, Barkley slipped in a curse word describing the Knicks after their 119-104 loss to the Cavaliers on Thursday night in Cleveland.

When Barkley and TNT colleagues Ernie Johnson and Shaquille O’Neal were talking about how Charles Oakley was at the game, Barkley said Spike Lee told him in New Orleans he wouldn’t mind getting tossed out of the Garden like Charles Oakley because “don’t nobody wanna see that s–t.’’ Barkley was extremely apologetic after the gaffe, but that didn’t stop Johnson and O’Neal from giving him the business.

"Man, listen, everybody wants you to tell the truth unless they don't agree with you. The Cavaliers and Warriors only lost one game [between them, through the first three rounds]. I don't really worry too much about my bosses worrying about me telling the truth. I hope I do get fired because they still have to pay me."His truth bombs are so good, he might even get a raise.

Or perhaps a fruit basket from NBA headquarters for drawing more attention to the Finals.

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