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A satnav blunder sent a coachload of Zulu warriors 200 hundred miles away from the school where they were supposed to be visiting.The nine-strong Lions of Zululand were mid-way through a six-month tour of the UK when they were booked to perform at a school in west London.The author does not assume responsibility for any losses that are the result of consulting this guide. Learn about fakes and reproductions and how to spot one as you cruise the fleamarkets and yardsales.Due to some value numbers being wrong the Matchbox section will have the link removed until such time as I can get the new values inserted. Find values for pottery, Mc Coy, Hull, Roseville, Watt, Shawnee, metal and plastic toys such as Tonka, Hubley, Hot Wheels, Nylint, Hubley, Dinky, Structo and many more antiques as I build the site to help you enjoy your hobby or as an e Bay dealer have values at your finger tips for a better understanding of what to ask for your product.

Submitted by: Christine Matovich Address: 9211 NW 25th Avenue, Vancouver, Washington 98665, USA email: [email protected] I am looking for information on Richard Brown Backhouse, born in Helmsley, Yorkshire in 1910 and emigrated to Canada in 1949, and his parents who would have lived in Yorkshire all their lives. As I am coming to Yorkshire soon any information would be gratefully accepted. Submitted by: Steven Paul Durham email: [email protected] I am trying to trace the parents of Stephen Backhouse born 1816 in Ellerton, East Yorkshire.

Submitted by: Lynne Davison Address: 61 Spring Walk, Worksop email: [email protected] mum was borne in Yorkshire.

She talked about Whitby, Sheriff Hutton, and Scarborough.

However, due to a mix-up over the address, they mistakenly turned up at a school in Welton near Hull, East Yorkshire.

Despite the blunder, the dance troupe put on an impromptu performance to 140 children, aged three to 19, at St Anne's School and Sixth Form College.

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